Saying Switzerland is heaven on earth is not an understatement. Zurich was my opportunity to see a city living in perfect harmony with nature. But nature was not all that Zurich had to offer. I’ve summarized my supremely Swiss holiday in this post. Hopefully, this will be a useful read for anyone who wants to visit Switzerland or just wants to know about my experience.


Much like the rest of Europeans, Swiss people also went by the live-and-let-live attitude. They will be courteous when spoken to but will not go out of their way to be nice and friendly. Those are the kind of people I gel with anyway. Overall the population of Zurich seemed a lot more educated and elite than people in the other cities I visited. They were easy to communicate with as most of them spoke fluent English. Did you know English, French and German are part of Switzerland’s national curriculum? So everyone who was raised in Switzerland and went to school is multilingual. How lucky is that?


Holy moly I cannot describe the insane variety of Swiss chocolates and cheese that country harbors. You probably haven’t seen that many types of cheese in all your life that Switzerland sells on one street. I’m not that big on cheese but I sure did pack myself tons of chocolates – some tasted like heaven and some had an acquired taste (though I never really acquired it). I didn’t have enough Italian in Italy so I spent my time in Zurich eating mostly Italian food. There’s a fine place called Little Italy close to the Zurich Central Station that sells delicious vegetarian pasta in a cosy European ambiance.



Zurich is expensive – in fact it is the most expensive city in Europe and the third most expensive in the world. But you don’t have to take the burden of surviving in Zurich if you are there only for a few days. The good thing about everything being so pricey in Zurich was that all the souvenirs we found were original and sold by authorized retailers – unlike Rome or Paris where everyone owned shops and stalls selling fake souvenirs. Which is why Zurich is not the best place to buy gifts for people you don’t like that much. We bought some special things from Zurich that we cherish more than all the other souvenirs we bought mainly because of how expensive they are.

souvenirs from switzerland

Getting Around

It was raining in Zurich when we were there. Considering how rain-deprived we are, we were in love with the weather and how inconvenient it was being. So we spent most of our time walking around. Zurich is a crowded city with cars, buses and trams taking up most of the roads and people taking up most of the pavement. But all of that was an experience I am unlikely to ever forget.

zurich streets

If you are within Zurich city and that’s what you want to explore, then according to me walking is the best option. But if you are going to the outskirts, then you will need to take a rental (that I did not do and my regret is killing me) or a bus.

Top 3 souvenirs to get from Zurich

Probably the only city that I visited where my souvenirs were mostly edibles not keepsakes. We got tons of chocolates from the realest real Lindt store at the Top of Europe in Junfraugoch. We also bought the Swiss knife and Swiss watch to complete our very “Swiss” experience. I spent A LOT of money on my Swiss souvenirs, but if you are on a budget, then I suggest you buy the following:

  • Chocolates
  • Cowbell
  • A key chain

I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly necessary it is for every human being to visit Switzerland once in their life if they can. Interlaken (I will write another short post about it later) is probably how far our imagination can go when thinking about heaven. I wish I had better photos but I have a theory; the poorer the photos, the better the experience.

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  1. Wow…it looks beautiful! The photos make me want to visit this place again and again 😊

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