When I say Salzburg, you say The Sound of Music. Or Mozart. Either.

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of Salzburg till my sister had planned our Europe trip and booked all our tickets. It is a small city in the Austrian mountains bordering Germany and perhaps the most perfect place for friends looking for adventure, couples looking for a romantic getaway, or solo travelers looking for a…well solo travel trip. Salzburg was by far the most peaceful city I had visited. I mean it had its share of city-ness but all in all it was a peaceful little town.

So the city of Salzburg is divided by a river into two parts; The Old Town and The New Town… Okay it’s not really called The New Town but for the sake of description I will call it that. So the old town is a World Heritage Site and has lots and lots of history dominated mostly by Mozart. It has Mozart’s birthplace, his residence, the Salzburg Cathedral and the Hohensalzburg Castle (that I could only see from outside unfortunately).


People of Salzburg are like the human population in general. Some were nice, some not so nice. But for an ambivert like myself, the people were a perfect level of nice. Most of the people talked very nicely when approached – otherwise minded their own business. Which is fine by me because I’ve honestly never traveled with the expectation or plan to make friends.

Right, so another thing about people of Salzburg is that majority of them are senior citizens. It’s like if you see a group of 100 people, 101 out of them are 60+ years old. I mean nothing wrong with that, but I wonder how that country’s population is growing…


Well, there are options. It’s a city with lots of good local and international food outlets to choose from. There are many more places around the bridge that separates the old and the new city than on either side of the city. That’s where you will also find most of the street food. I had some really good pretzels from a stall near the bridge. During our stay in Salzburg, we decided to go to an “authentic Indian restaurant,” which I still regret. I really wish I had had something more…adventurous than the stuff mum makes every other day. Salzburg also sells some of the most creatively packed chocolates I have seen. There are entire stores dedicated to Mozart-themed chocolates on the streets. Not going to lie, at one point I stared through the windows of one such shop for a full minute because of how beautifully everything had been set up. The chocolates are unbelievably tempting no doubt, but they cost just as much…taking me to our next point…


Salzburg is not the most affordable cities for all things tourists. I should have talked to a local about the prices during my stay there (dammit) but even without that, I could tell that the place is a little pricey. I bought some of my best cutest most adorable souvenirs from Salzburg. And man were they expensive. The little violin cost me 24 Euros!

Violin Salzburg

And the music box was 15 Euros.

Music box Salzburg

The little cowbell keychain (omg so cute) was also about 9 Euros. Even souvenirs in Paris cost lesser than this. Maybe because Paris had a lot of fake souvenirs while Salzburg didn’t have any (from all the Salzburg I saw) stalls/stores with Made-in-China souvenirs. So yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth it. I absolutely adore all the things I bought!

We even bought chocolates and a sweatshirt from Salzburg and even they weren’t Made-in-China (would you believe that?). They were priced slightly higher than other European cities but the quality was also much better soo yes – I’d spend that money again.

Here’s me being 100% touristy
Getting Around

Salzburg has quite a sophisticated rail system in and out of the city. Within the city there are public buses and taxis too. However, the best way to get around is on foot. It’s a really small city and if you have planned more than a couple day’s trip, you can practically walk through the (interesting parts of) the city! The bridges that separate The Old Town and The New Town are love locks bridges and have a wonderful view of the river and the mountains and you will miss it if you use any other modes of transport! So walk, please! Or better, rent a bike! Salzburg is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Austria. Another way to properly see Salzburg is to get your Salzburg Card and get free access to public transport and the major museums and sites in the city! Here’s more info on the Salzburg Card.

Altstadt von Salzburg
Bridge that connects the Old Town and the “New Town”

Love locks bridge salzburg

My final comments on Salzburg would be that it is one of those European cities that can give you the feel of Europe without overwhelming you with too much crowd. A good destination for couples and solo travelers!

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