It is a universally accepted fact that the only purpose of New Year’s resolutions in life is for us to make jokes about them. Just because the calendar is resetting, we feel the need to reset our lives – make a list of things we want to accomplish and then forget about it.

But honestly, there is no better feeling in the world than achieving something for the sole reason of growing into a better person. Not to mention the satisfaction of (really) crossing down things off a checklist.

December 22, 2015 I wrote down 6 resolutions for the year 2016 – and would you believe if I said I achieved 4 out of those? Considering my own attitude towards resolutions previously, I was pleasantly surprised (shocked) yesterday when I cut 4 out of the 6 things on my list. And definitely not because the resolutions were easy or because things just happened. This was a result of months of focus and making the promises I made to myself my number one priority.

So these were my resolutions for 2016:

  • Complete my business plan
  • Get my laser hair removal treatment.
  • Read 15 books (all kinds)
  • Start a website. Well hello ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Quit my job
  • Decrease fat percentage in my body to below 25%

After 2016, I’ve learned the simple tricks of making realistic resolutions and found ways to achieve them.ย The easiest way to do that is to apply some basic marketing and making goals that are S-M-A-R-T.


No, “lose weight” is not a goal. “Lose 5 kilos” is a goal. Being as specific with your goals makes it easier for you track and achieve them. Adding numbers to your resolutions adds perspective to your goals and you start evaluating how you will need to work to check that point off your list at the end of the year.


“Spend less, save more” – sounds like the best way to start afresh, but wouldn’t it be better if you were able to measure what it will take to achieve these goals? Think about how many takeouts a week you need to sacrifice to be able to “save $500 a month.” It will be much easier if you make a small calculation in your head and keep that in mind when each month starts.


Now you can be as ambitious as you want – it’s your resolutions list after all – but generally being a little conservative with them helps.ย Make sure when you list down your goals for next year, they are realistic and achievable.

Obviously none of us was going to put “visit Mars” as one of the resolutions, but even something like “buy a Maserati” with an entry-level job seems a bit far-fetched, no? I’d suggest you go with something more realistic depending on what you would need at the end of the year.


If you have something on the list that will not be of use to you inย 5 years time, it’s time to stop thinking about it. “Learn how to bake” is absolutely not relevant to me in the next 75 years, I’m sorry. So as much as I want to make the people I love happy, I will not add this to my list.

So try not to make passing hobbies a goal for the whole year. If things work out and you continue, then good for you. But adding it yourself will add unnecessary pressure on your poor soul and demotivate you.


Easy peasy. You don’t need to worry about the timeline of your resolutions becauseย the Gregorian calendarย solved that for all of us. You have 365 days to achieve the things you always wanted to achieve. That’s a lifetime for some…organisms. You got this!

Here’s a censored version of my resolutions for 2017 and I am hoping for at least the same success rate as last year if not higher.

  • Read 20 books
  • Work the cellulite away from my legs
  • Stop talking about people behind their back
  • Stop cracking my knuckles
  • Travel one new country
  • Get a bob

Okay, reading all of that kind of overwhelmed me. But I promise it’s really not that bad and the self-fulfillment you get after writing them down and then achieving them makes it all worth it.

I would love to help anyone who wants to make realistic goals to become a better person by the end of 2017!

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Iโ€™m Siham - a 25-year-old Pakistani, born and raised in the UAE. Currently doing a boring desk job in Dubai - but my passion lies in reading, writing and motivating people.


  1. Keep up the blogging! I really liked the points on how to keep resolutions!

    • Siham Reply

      Thank you Farah! Glad you liked it. Do you have any resolutions?

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