Being a gym regular working with a trainer means my weekdays usually involve hardcore functional training, muscle building and cardio. I barely get time to relax and unwind. Every now and then I take yoga classes to take a break from my gym routine.

Today was one of those weekends when I thought screw cardio, let’s do yoga! Dubai is a happening place and there are countless things to do, especially if the weather is tolerable. Some of those things are free fitness classes all around Dubai. A friend of mine invited me to this yoga class at Kite Beach and I thought why not?

But first, a little bit about my history with yoga… when I did yoga for the first time, I detested it!

Because it’s a slow-paced workout, it obviously didn’t gel with my personality. But with my gym workout becoming more and more strenuous, I began to see the need for a heavy-duty stretch and relax. And although I’m not even a beginner level yogi yet, this amazing form of exercise has already begun to transform my aptitude for working out and my general moods (not to mention the million other physical benefits that come with it).

Anyway, point was to share my first experience with yoga with 136.1 Yoga Studio Dubai. They’re based in Dubai Marina but they do have occasional FREE classes at Kite Beach on Saturdays (9 am).

yoga dubai

I attended the Vinyasa yoga session with Jacqueline today and absolutely loved it for 3 reasons:

  • It was outdoor. Not just outdoor, but at the beach with the sound of waves as background music!! (the Indian music tends to make me sleepy. Just remembered my spa treatment)
  • It was in the morning. The best time to practice yoga is in the morning with an empty stomach. It is starting to get hotter in the mornings as well but the weather was still tolerable at 9 am today
  • New postures. I’ve tried Hatha and power yoga before and Vinyasa was not that different in essence. But there were some very challenging postures that I would probably not repeat again (for the fear or tearing my leg muscles apart) (JK I will do it again).

But that was not it! Since 136.1 Yoga guys partnered with Salt cafe for this session, we got free breakfast at the end of the session! I have no idea why the breakfast was full of carbs and fat, but if anything, free burgers and lemonade are a big motivation for a lot of us.

salt cafe dubai

Yoga is probably one of the only exercises that suits all body types. I’ve tried a lot of workouts (including unusual stuff like parkour and aerial hoop) and nothing has left my body as light as yoga. If you find exercising difficult, perhaps yoga is the best way to kick start a healthy lifestyle. Also, if you know about any more free outdoor yoga classes, please let me know – I think I love them!

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