XLine Dubai: The Urban Zipline for thrill-seekers in Dubai.

Or so they claim it…

XLine is the latest addition to XDubai’s adventure experiences in the country. It is a zipline that runs between a 90-meter high tower and the Dubai mall’s terrace.

Xline first came into the spotlight when HH Sheikh Hamdan (Faz3), Crown Prince of Dubai and master of extreme sports in the region was seen ziplining above the Dubai Fountains. The company then launched a massive social media campaign (tag & share) where 500 people were selected every week to try this out. The trick was to share the Xline picture, tag three friends you wanted to take with you and then send a private message to XLine to select you! Everyone I know got selected like that.

However, it is a little too late for that now. XLine is now a paid activity (scroll down further for the details) but you never know, they might do this again!

On January 25, 2016 (wow and posting it a year later), I tried my luck and was invited to Xline the next day! Didn’t even get time to be scared because it was such short notice. Adrenaline junkies may be able to relate, but no matter how many adventures you do, the next one excites (scares in my case) you just as much. So despite having done skydiving, the XLine invitation scared the shit out of me.

I was supposed to be at the The Residences Tower 3 in Downtown at 3 PM for the jump at 3:30 PM the next day. I went through their website to check their rules, the news to see if there have been any accidents in the past and interviewed all my Facebook buds who had been there and done that. After reading the rules (that I’ve listed below), I decided to take Bapiya and my 12-year-old brother with me. And was that the best decision of my life or what? My brother is already an adventure sports lover!  

When we got there, all we had to do was sign a scary form saying XLine is not responsible for your death, paralysis or any other injury etc. and that’s it! We got our free XLine Dubai T-Shirts and up we went to the 25th floor of the tower. Our XLine person/guide tied our harnesses and took us to the platform with the million dollar (not really) view. It was such a serene view – truly one of a kind. I mean I’ve been to the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Park, the entire area countless times, but from up there, it was a whole new place. Please note that this and the countdown before they push you are the only times you will feel any kind of fear.

The duration of the zip-line is about 33 seconds. The first four seconds are when you feel the “thrill,” the rest is like a slow swoosh in the sky. This is when I encourage you to AVOID looking at your camera/GoPro/selfie stick (like I did) and just absorb the beauty before you. The ride is small and the price is high, so please, do not use your hands to record stuff, use them to pretend you’re a bird! However, if you still want to record your experience, then the best way is to have a GoPro. With a selfie stick, you might end up looking at your own expressions (ahem guilty) more than the view.

Apart from that, I also advise you to not carry anything but your phone and ID with you. Handbags, caps, earphones etc. will just annoy you if you carry them throughout. And if you leave them there, then you have to drive/walk back to the Residence Tower to collect your stuff.

The zipline leaves you feeling more relaxed than excited (tells so much about the “thrill”) with a sense of accomplishment, especially if this is your first adventure like my little brother.

What do you need to know about Xline Dubai
  • Price: AED 600
  • Where to buy: Currently only at Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Level, Next to Social House
  • Location: The Residences Tower 3, Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai
Rules for zip-lining with Xline Dubai:
  • Have your valid ID card with you when you arrive
  • Take an adult with you if you are under 18
  • Weight range is 50 kgs – 110 kgs (no, they don’t check)
  • Height range is 1.4 meters – 2.1 meters (no, they don’t check)
  • Guests have to be above 10 years of age. Yes. 10.
Why should you do Xline Dubai?
  • You get to see the tallest building in the world, the biggest man-made fountain in the world and the biggest mall in the world from a very unique perspective – all in 33 seconds!
  • It is the mildest way to face your fear of heights. If you are one of those who are still afraid, this is where you should start to test your limits. It’s 2/10 on the scary scale.
  • Ziplining is fun!


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