Well well well, barking dogs seldom bite would be my Dubai Fitness Challenge performance in a sentence. While I intended to attend a class every day of the month, I ended up doing only five or six free classes. However, I was a lot more physically active and outdoor this month than usual so that is a positive.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge was a wonderful opportunity for UAE’s residents to get a taste of different ways to incorporate fitness into their lives. Mad respect to the Dubai government for finding innovative ways to motivate the city in all walks of life.

As I mentioned, I only did maybe five free classes all this month, mostly because of lack of (motivated) company. And the classes I did attend make me regret not attending more. Seeing full communities with people of all shapes and sizes working out together to stay fit was more motivating than all of my blog posts combined.

  • Indoor RPM at the Dubai Ladies Club
  • Yoga at the Burj Park
  • Burj Park Downtown Dubai Fitness Weekend Carnival

But but but… I walked on average 9000 steps a day, I ran some mornings, and I did my usual three times a week gym. That was A LOT of activity by my standards.

Accomplishments of the month:

This year has been a year of many little successes – apart from achieving my resolution (speaking of) of getting rid of the cellulite in my legs through rigorous exercising, I also greatly improved my flexibility (2018 will be all about flexibility) to manage three wonderful feats – they’re called the Prasarita Padottanasana, Tittibhasana and Salamba Sirsasana in that order.

Easier to just look at the photos…

burj park yoga

yoga burj park dubai

yoga burj park

There were a few other limits that I pushed this month…

Camera shy, who?

I was asked by the Pakistan Youth Forum (PYF) in Dubai to submit a short video giving tips on staying fit to the youngsters in the UAE. First of all, expecting me to be on camera was asking too much, and they could have asked me for the moon instead of making me TALK. But then I thought I will need to talk on camera when I’m a rich billionaire so might as well get over the fear.

So, presenting to you the final outcome of le me on le fitness.

Stage fright, what?

To end this Fitness Challenge (and the year almost), I also managed to overcome my fear of addressing an audience. PYF also approached me to LEAD (yes lead) a one and half hour session with their audience yesterday. I thought (again), that I will need to talk on stage when I’m a rich billionaire so might as well start learning it now. About 11 girls showed up and we did a 30 minutes circuit and a 20 minute yoga session with them. What an experience for someone who likes to stay behind the keyboard when talking to more than 5 people at a time. We hope to continue these fitness sessions with the Pakistani youth in the UAE and encourage a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Here’s some proof of my second great accomplishment

(couldn’t upload a lot of photos because some of the girls were hijabi)

dubai yoga class

dubai yoga class

dubai yoga class

dubai yoga class

I am bummed this fitness challenge has ended. I loved how the entire community was coming together to do exercises and have fun. Taking full advantage of free events and the short-lived weather.

Dubai Fitness Challenge needs to come back every year and for longer. I think I enjoy it more than the more established community events like Dubai Shopping Festival or Dubai Summer Surprises – mostly because this is one event where I didn’t need to spend a Dirham for my benefit. But also because “you get only one body, so stay fit.” (watch my video).

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