I’ve realized there are a couple people (love you both) who visit my blog every Friday in the hopes of seeing a new post, and there’s usually nothing – I can explain. Friday is probably not a good day for me to promise a new post because I’m usually very busy on Fridays living the life of a trophy wife. Perhaps I should just post whenever I try something new and not set any (usually unrealistic) expectations of a new post every Friday.

Anyway, this weekend was super interesting because I finally went to Cafe Ceramique (6 years after I first saw it) and I do not regret one single moment of the 5 hours I spent there.

For those who don’t know, Cafe Ceramique is a cafe (duh) and art studio for ceramic painting located in the Town Center Mall, Jumeirah. It is a medium-sized cafe with my kind of lighting (dim and homely), above average food and shelves of countless unpainted ceramics.

We went there on a late Saturday evening expecting crowd and chaos (places like that tend to attract bawling kids), but it was pretty calm despite their presence. We found a nice big table next to the ceramic shelves and the waitress attended us right away with the menu and the instructions.

So this is how it goes, you pick a piece of ceramic (there’s everything for adults from decoration pieces, cutlery, piggy banks to statues of spiderman and Elsa for the kids). The price of the ceramic is written at the bottom of the piece and includes the price of the paint. I picked the CUTEST little house bank for AED 109 that I am so in love with especially after painting it. I’m going to collect money for my future house in this bank šŸ™‚

ceramic house

Sometime between picking your piece and starting painting, you order your food. Now it’s up to you whether you want to eat before you begin painting or while you’re painting. I ordered a delicious mushroom soup and spicy shrimp tempura, which were both better than I had expected. Gobbled up my soup in 3 minutes but the shrimps lasted 5 hours.

Then, they give you a tiny piece of paper where you need to list down the color codes of all the colors you think you’ll need. You can pick a maximum of 7 colors with any combination of Splash & Dash (plain colors), Poka Dots (colors with speckles) and Puffy Paint (colors for text). I picked two plain colors, three colors with speckles and two text colors. I think that turned out to be the best combination for my house anyway. If you’re going in a group, it would be a good idea to pick entirely different colors so you can share among yourselves.

Fast forward five hours later – we had had lots of coke, deep conversations, messy hands and four masterpieces. However, we had to leave them behind because they need a week to bake, and cool down our pieces so we will have to go back and collect them next Saturday.

cafe ceramique dubai

Things I liked most about Cafe Ceramique
  • Calm ambiance despite lots of children
  • Lots of variety in terms of ceramics and colors (at least for beginners). There are also many Dubai-specific ceramic pieces that tourists can paint and take back with them.
  • Food good enough to keep you smiling
Things that I wasn’t so happy about
  • Uncomfortable seating – the chairs were lame and there wasn’t enough space on the table for both food and paint. They need to design special tables for activities like that.
  • Pricey ceramic – I mean eventually it felt worth every Dirham I spent, but it’s still a little high for frequent visits
  • Uninterested waiters – our waiters disappeared after giving us the paint and we had to hunt people down to clear the table or order more coke or fix the paints etc.. That got annoying toward the end.

But overall it was still the most fun I’ve had in a long time! Everyone in Dubai, tourist or resident, should try this once. There’s no reservation required and it is pretty close to all parts of Dubai. Just one tip would be to eat before you go. Even though the food is really good, at one point everything got annoying because all I wanted to do was to paint.

Oh, did I mention the super cute tray we got our bill in? Poor English, pathetic writing but I thought it was cute.

ceramic painting

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  1. Henna The One Reply

    Finallyyy! Not a Friday but glad to see a post! šŸ˜›
    Love trying out all these cool places that you suggest! šŸ˜¬šŸ˜¬šŸ˜¬

    • Siham Reply

      Aah thanks for commenting!! I’m already looking for more places for us to try on the coming weekends šŸ˜‰

    • Siham Reply

      It is definitely worth one visit. The best part is that it’s not usually crowded (unlike most fun places in Dubai).

    • Siham Reply

      I do too! It’s a fast-paced city so it’s difficult to find quiet places to spend time. Do visit Cafe Ceramique it’s lovely!

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