Eat Pray Tour initially started out as a travel blog where I documented my wonderful experiences from the few vacations I’ve had. But then I realized that’s not the only thing that makes me, me. So this blog evolved until it became more representative of me and my life.

Today Eat Pray Tour is more of a personal blog/journal, which encompasses three topics that I love discussing: food, mind & body and my travel tales.

Some basic stuff about who I am and what I do

I’m Siham Arif – a 25-year-old Pakistani, born and raised in the Ujebel jais dubaiAE. I lived in a small town called Alain until I was 12. We then moved to Sharjah, often known as the [not so popular] sister city of Dubai. Here I completed high school and college where I studied advertising and marketing.

I currently work as a media executive in Dubai but my passion lies in writing. I like when I put things that go on in my head on paper (or online in this case). Traveling has also become a newfound passion for me. My most favorite part about traveling is standing in a new city and just absorbing it with all five senses. THAT is probably my number one motivation to travel.

To make things more interesting, here’s 10 random things about me that perfectly summarize my existence
  • I was a real tomboy when I was younger. Now the effects are wearing out
  • I like to think I’m a little unusual because I’m an overly motivated and driven human (you’ll see why).
  • I’m a passionate environmentalist and I judge people who don’t take turn-off-the-light-before-you-leave-the-room seriously
  • I love books and I’m on my way to creating my library. Currently, I have 273 books out of which I’ve only read about 60 (book-shopping is my kind of retail therapy).
  • When I’m not reading, I’m lifting – literally! I workout religiously 4 times a week, early in the mornings before work or weekends (didn’t lie about being overly motivated).
  • My biggest achievement was the Sheikh Khalifa Presidential Scholarship I got at university. This scholarship is awarded to only one student per college per year and has a tough criteria. This award was the ONLY reason why I joined AUS. I stopped taking education seriously after that.
  • My friends gave me the “Most Likely To Be Successful” title once. That really motivates me when self-confidence is running low.
  • I’m very lucky I have a solid bunch of people I can always count on. Life is infinitely better with them around.
  • I also love love love brainstorming – holiday planning or marketing campaign, I just love the idea of having ten people with distinct personalities sitting together trying to create one big awesome thing.
  • My favorite color is yellow and I have evidence. 

Now that we are friends-ish, it will be nice of you to keep visiting. I enjoy blogging and it’s more fun when people have something to say to what I’ve written.


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      Hi Magdalena,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Please check your email inbox.


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