No I don’t mean apps that pay bills or call tailors.

I have 51 apps on my phone. Apps that I downloaded by free will and apps that for the most part I don’t use to their full potential. But then there are some that my life depends on (almost dangerously). Five of those apps I share in this post that you probably don’t have already and you should!


Not exactly apps, okay sorry, you need to spend some money before you can use these. But they are worth the investment for a regular newborn adult like all of us. I bought MyZone when I signed up for Fitness First and it helps me track my workouts – duration, intensity, effort, challenges etc.

Fitbit as you may know works best when tracking activities during rest of the day. I got a Fitbit Flex as a gift and I couldn’t have been happier with its app! I now track my water consumption, my sleep quality, my daily calories, steps all in one user-friendly app and feel healthy AF at the end of most days.

fitbit myzone app



Currently the most user-friendly personal finance app I’ve used ever since I started practicing real adulthood (tracking my income and expenses and all the uncool stuff). Although manually inputting your little expenses needs a little getting used to, once you are in the habit of doing so, your savings at the end of the month will make you smile. Although there are tons of personal finance apps in the world, there are very few that accommodate UAE Dirhams – Wally is one of those. You can download Wally here.

wally app


I’m not much of let-me-refresh-Instagram-over-and-over-again-when-I’m-bored person, I’m more of a Stumbleuponer. For those who don’t know Stumbleupon – it is a website/app that takes you to random websites with content that you are interested in (wow great shitty description) – but trust me it is educational and fantastic entertainment!

Some of the things that I stumble upon on StumbleUpon (lolz) are borderline hypnotic – like this game. I’ve spent hours at work StumbleUpon-ing and more importantly learning super cool things that turn out to be useful during social gatherings. Download Stumbleupon here.

stumbleupon app


I live in Sharjah and work in Dubai. That already explains the horror to most of you, right. In circumstances such as these, not having Google Maps is… well you might as well blindfold yourself and drive. I spend approximately 2 hours of my day on this app and does Google Maps save me a lot of frustration? Yes it does!

As a gesture of my kindness, I also like being an active contributor to Google Maps. I review places, answer questions, and share photos so anyone else using Google Maps in this country can benefit from that information (and also to get points that give me sexy benefits)

google maps contribution app


Doubt I need to recommend this app to anyone but here’s why life is so much better with Whatsapp around:

  • Makes communication for socially awkward people so much easier. There may be a million ways to talk to people online, but nothing beats Whatsapp yet. Not just because of the convenience of sharing different formats on it. There have been countless uncomfortable conversations that I got over with on Whatsapp and would never have had in person.
  • Whatsapp allows for information-sharing 2.0. Text, images, audio, video, screenshots, gossip – you name it.
  • It’s simple. No, I don’t need fancy filters or massive emojis to get my point across, thanks.

So much to no one’s surprise, Whatsapp is number one on the list of apps that make my life better.

Okay bye!

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