My first spa experience at the Citron Wellness Spa in Sri Lanka inspired me to write an uncommon but necessary list of spa dos and don’ts for first timers. These include basic requirements, etiquette and watch-outs to get the most out of a spa session. There are lots of girls in my social circle who have been wanting to visit a spa but have never done it because of the silliest reasons. Maybe this post will help.

Survey first, book second

We stayed at 3 different hotels in various cities in Sri Lanka and one of the smartest decisions we made was that we surveyed the spa before booking an appointment. Spas are not cheap (an average cost of $60) and you don’t want to be disappointed by the quality of the room or service after booking a session from the comfort of your room. A lot of people from our group came back dissatisfied with the treatments they received because they didn’t bother surveying the facility beforehand. So whether you are planning to get a treatment locally or during vacation, make sure you don’t skip this step.

Citron Senses Spa Sri Lanka

Citron Senses Spa Sri Lanka
Citron Senses Spa Sri Lanka

I mean it’s perfectly okay to choose to be hairy but I swear the treatment is more enjoyable for both parties if the masseuse doesn’t have to feel an obvious stubble during the process.

Wear easy to remove/change clothes

You know it’s already as awkward to strip in front of someone as it can get. Why do you want to make it worse by struggling to get out of your clothes while the therapist calmly stands on the side watching you do the dance? I wore pajamas and T-shirt but I realized a skirt would have been ideal.

Use deodorant

Yeah, well. When you decide to schedule your treatment at the end of a long day, you don’t want to cause inconvenience that can easily be avoided. Not only is this a nice thing to do for the masseuse, it also makes it more fun for you because you have one less thing to worry about.

Do not be overwhelmed by variation.

My spa had approximately 52 kinds of treatments that I had to pick from. Each with its own ingredients, process, benefits and obviously price. I was so overwhelmed by options I bought 3 treatments for 2 consecutive hours! But please do not do that. I regret it big time because I went to sleep (during the sessions) and don’t remember more than half of the experience. My advice would be to pick the most basic one for the first time – if you really enjoy it, then you can play with options all your life.

Leave body image at home

As I mentioned earlier. Spas can be awkward and they can remind you of the million flaws (you think you have) on your bodies. But if you want to relax and rejuvenate, which is an absolute must for everyone who works, then you need to leave your shame behind. It is an uncomfortable situation where the therapist stands and watches you strip and the only way to deal with it is to deal with it shamelessly. Just remember; they see so many bodies of all kinds every single day, they have no interest in looking at you to pinpoint flaws.

Do not sleep

I am hoping this was just me and it’s not a common occurrence at spas. I enjoyed my third full body spa so much that I slept. With my mouth open. For 45 minutes. This was so so embarrassing I couldn’t look at my therapist in the eye after that. My simple advice would be to go for one one-hour session at a time in order to avoid the…humiliation.

Discomfort is not normal.

Giving full control of your body to someone can be scary (in the context of spas please). And that’s why I want to say that spa treatments are not supposed to cause any physical discomfort. If you think the masseuse is being too hard, please speak up and ask them to calm down. Most of us think it’s “part of the experience” until the next day when a muscle is feeling funny.

No need for unnecessary conversation

This was a great revelation for an awkward human being like me! I did not have to say one word except “hello” and “thank you!” If you are someone like me, then congratulations – when they say relaxing experience, they mean relaxing experience. If you are a social butterfly, then try to enjoy the silence. It is indeed relaxing.

It works!

Actually, spa treatments do not show any immediate results. In fact, I didn’t think they showed any results. Your body does not feel lighter or more relaxed but that one hour of massage is totally worth the price. A lot of it is psychological so be prepared to tell your mind it worked. And you will feel it!

My last advice for a first timer would be to pretend to be a regular and everything will be just fine. Behaving like a regular

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